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International Health Coaching Enterprises is a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations achieve ultimate success.  Dr. Wendy Nickerson, president and founder is committed to providing you with the health coaching, inspiration, strategies, support, and knowledge that you need to make your greatest dreams and passions become a reality.

Dr. Nickerson specializes in developing healthy lifestyles, behavioral nutrition, dealing with chronic pain and illness, psychoneuroimmunology, improving self- image, establishing a life's purpose, eliminating stress, depression and anxiety, and enhancing spiritual growth and nourishment.

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Dr. Nickerson's Article in Healthy Wealthy -n Wise magazine:
Wild Women Never Get the Blues


Dr. Wendy Nickerson, Psy. D.
Life Coach, Psychologist,
Author and Inspirational Speaker

President / Founder:
International Health Coaching Enterprises

Tel: 480-684-4476

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Find out if YOU are a Wild Woman

   3 minute audio
from Wild Women Never Get the Blues!
Entitled, A Portrait of a Wild Woman

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    Ask your self these questions:

  • Are you ready to make significant changes in your life?
  • Do want to enhance your relationships?
  • Want to develop self-esteem?
  • Going through a divorce or separation?
  • Changing careers?
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Want to fulfill a dream?
  • What's your life's purpose, anyway?
  • Get rid of Clutter and Chaos!
  • Develop spirituality
  • Are you tired of being in pain?
  • Want to feel joy and happiness again?
  • Want to regain your optimistic attitude?
  • Do you know the connection between your thoughts and your illness?
  • You CAN function at your full potential!
  • Did you know that your thoughts dictate your life?
  • Want to make some life changes with grace and ease?
  • Train your mind to let go of negative self-defeating thoughts!

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